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LAUNCH BOX "All Things Are Possible" No discounts


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included in this box: Journal: This Journal is the perfect place to release your thoughts to make room for positive and new thoughts. Studies have shown that writing in a journal helps ones self esteem and is a great tool to assist you through difficult moments in your life when needed. *Pen: This pen is a double agent. It’s a beautiful teal crystal pen to jot down your thoughts in your journal and it is also a stylist for your phone. This pen flows nicely when writing too. *Affirmation Cards in a functional mason jar: These are my favorite and the most powerful. This is a deck of 35 cards to assist in developing a positive mindset for your day. Did you know that your mind can only process one thought at a time? So lets make it a positive one! *Organic Sweet Treat: Organic hard candies. They are made in the USA, gluten free, have no artificial colors and are non-GMO verified. The different flavors are wonderful. Enjoy! *Love Bracelet: It’s a beautiful faux leather bracelet with the trendy stacked look all in one. We’ve included this bracelet in our first box as a reminder to you that every time you ware this bracelet that YOU have the key to loving yourself first! Remember, with YOU “all things are possible!”

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